Tiger Print

DIY Glitter Tape Tiger Print Shine Magenta

First of all, product features:

  • Tearable: Easy to unwind and cut without dispenser
  • Reusable: Sticky enough to reposition
  • Waterproof: Keeps out water
  • No residue: No left-behind adhesive or damaged surface
  • Writable: Replacement for your boring labels, sticky notes, etc.
  • Acid-free: Won’t react with papers or other supplies

Furthermore, tape properties:

  • Material: High-quality Japanese Washi or Rice Paper or Equivalent
  • Adhesive: Acrylic, Water-based, Single Sided
  • Colour Printing: PMS (Pantone Matching System) or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black)
  • Core: Paper or Plastic
  • Inner Core Size: 25mm/30mm/38mm
  • Packing: Shrink-wrap Single Roll

Most noteworthy applications:

Do whatever you want, is certainly one of the most special characteristics of washi tapes! These masking tapes are made of Japanese paper for the reason that they are semi transparent, have a nice feel and easy to use.

You can tiger print your window blinds, make tiny flags, transform a computer keyboard, cover a boring notebook, line the lampshade, decorate a planter, make decorative twisty ties, make the most adorable gift wrap that ever existed, washi tape a car or a bike or a staircase, label those cords, make a pretty insane wallpaper, give yourself a washi tape pedicure, decorate some wooden spoons or vases or maybe furniture, use it to mark a calendar, cover your laptop, furthermore make really easy photo frame, etc.

Still better, buy some and let us know, what you did with washi tapes? Rather, share your creative ideas and get brownie points!

Finally, why buy from

Our sources are leading and professional manufacturers, approved by ISO 9001:2008, SGS, ASTM, EN71, etc. having 10+ Years of R&D and export experience, in washi tape industry. As a result, we provide premium quality products with an option to choose any design, color and quantity. In contrast, upload your own designs for that personal touch or simply allow us to build your order & surprise you with our favorite designs!

Here are top 9 reasons to buy washi tapes from us:

  1. One price for all designs!
  2. Free shipping for quantity 10 & above, or add just Rs.89/-
  3. Similarly, free optional cash on delivery for quantity 10 & above, or add just Rs. 49/-
  4. 10% instant discount on online payments for quantity 20 & above.
  5. Even more, 100% cashback as Amazon gift card, to 1 in every 10 buyers of quantity 20 & above.
  6. PAN India delivery in 2-4 working days for in-stock tapes and probably, just 2-4 weeks for pre-orders/back-orders.
  7. Free gift wrap with custom message.
  8. 7-days cancellation.
  9. Likewise, hassle-free return pickup.

Therefore, it’s time to stock up on these tapes, because you will have a long list of fun projects before you know it!

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